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At GCP we live, breathe and understand our local market

It’s this that gives us the edge, the properties and the ability to achieve great results for our investors. Our local knowledge of the area means we can minimize risk & maximize profits. Planning for the long term and having the ability to take short term wins.

As we have grown so has the desire for investors wanting Joint Ventures in different locations. However, we know not being within 30 minutes drive of your gold mine means you start to lose this edge. We’ve now started to expand, offering franchisees the ability to leverage our brand, methods, ethos and attitude toward excellent results.

Every Franchisee has either been mentored or Joint Ventured with Dan directly. Investors can now look to alternative locations across the UK for Joint Ventures. Knowing the franchisee is local, we can deliver exactly what is offered and it has been coached directly by our founder.

If you are interested to learn more about working with the fastest growing property investment company contact us at

What the Franchise Program includes:

– Dedicated geographical area
– Separate web site page
– 121 training with Founder Dan Trivedi
– Back office virtual support for 6 months
– On going CRM system
– On going marketing support to investors
– On going deal packaging support
– Insight and usage of our power team
– Profit share (we win when you win)

Investing in real estate involves risk and you could lose money. If you are in any doubt about the investments available through us, you should consult an authorised person specialising in advising on these kinds of investment.